Ford model 107E car and spare parts

The Ford Motor Company of Dagenham, England were very capable of realising that it was financially viable to continue manufacturing an earlier model car and market it against a new product, so prolonging the parts manufacturing from earlier models. The Ford 107E New Prefect was built from August 1959 through to March 1961 with a total production run of 38,154 units in all (27,314 in built up and 10,840 in knocked down for export). Only one body shell type was built (4 door saloon), and being offer in only one trim level 'de luxe'. The left hand drive model was designated as model 108E.

The body (Briggs body code 801B) used most of the previous 100E Prefect panels and parts, however the bulkhead and front cross member was modified to allow Ford's revolutionary new 997cc 'Kent' overhead valve engine which was being fitted in the 105E model of this era. The previous 3 speed gearbox was replaced with the 4 speed unit, and the rear axle from the 105E, which showed great advances over those used in the 100E model. The performance showed improvements from the previous model, the 0 to 50mph time reducing from 20.2 seconds to 16.6 seconds with a top speed increase of about 2 mph but with a smoother engine and the flexibility and improvement of the 4 speed gear change.

Externally very early models differed only very slightly from the 100E Prefect with the same side waist line etc, until the bonnet was lifted. Until the introduction of the chrome 'dogleg', which was very similar to that used on the Zephyr/Zodiac, which finished the front waist line moulding down toward the front wheel arch, to form a natural break line barrier on the front wing to accept the 'two tone' paint work which was in fashion at he time. The majority of 107E became synonymous with 'doglegs' and 'two tone' paint.

In Ford manufacturing terms the small numbers of this model make it slightly different to the earlier 100E models, and certainly much rarer than the 105E model, however do not be put off by possible spare part supply problems. Many of the parts required are a covered by combining those from the late 100E model range and the 105E range, although there are some 'unique to the model' parts. We are able to supply a very wide range of parts and spares to enable these fine models to continue to be used on the road, click on 'parts' for details.

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Ford Prefect 107E
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